Kathrine Thude (b. 1995) is a photographer and visual storyteller based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She received her BA in photographic communication from DMJX in 2021. She works across still images, video and short animations, combining analogue and digital techniques, in order to tell meaningful stories.

This guy once said that there are two types of photographers, collectors and sculptors. The collectors take photographs of scenes that appear before them, whereas the sculptors build their images from the ground up. Kathrine's photography is somewhere in between, merging reality and imagination. 

She is particularly interested in any topics regarding nature, sustainability and science.

For commissions or prints email at kathrinethude@gmail.com or call at +45 60 55 79 30.

2017-21 BA photographic communication at DMJX, Denmark
2020 spring term at camera arts, HSLU Design & Kunst, Switzerland

2022-        Full time freelance photo/videographer
2020-22  Photo/videographer RePCO, Zealand University Hospital, Denmark
2016-17    Photographer, Stanica Zilina-Zariecie, Slovakia

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